So you want to be a photographer?

After a close encounter with the grim reaper, I’m back with more photo tips, links to my favorite photo-tip sites, favorite quotations often related to photography, and technology photo news.

Choose a Theme, any Theme

Photographers who pick a theme are most successful, like Dorothea Lange who documented poverty in the U.S. during the depression years. The theme can be anything you want. (Right now, the most popular online themes are cats and pretty women.)

“Pick a theme and work it to exhaustion…….It must be something you truly love or truly hate.”  Dorothea Lange

On the Road Toward L.A., 1936
On the Road Toward L.A., 1936

If you like landscape photography, now is a good time to choose an Autumn theme

Poem: Across the Bank

“Across the bank, maples have spread silken cloth.

The leaves are busy sprinkling autumn into the yard

A wild goose screams onto the edge of the sky.

The night chums up a longing for home.” Hamwol (1691-1770)

iPod Photo, 2013
iPod Photo, M. Hutchison, 2013

Take a look at a Great Link to photographing fall foliage: Guide to photographing fall foliage

Visit my November blog around the 15th for an update on camera drone photography that began in the post “Beyond the Go-Pro Camera” (see video demo of drone).


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