Homeless Shopping Carts


With a borrowed camera, I roamed the streets of L.A. between 1988 and 1990, searching for homeless people who used shopping carts for their meager belongings. I found many. Most were mentally ill. In my neighborhood, the Grocers’ Association mounted a billboard chastising those who stole shopping carts.

Billboard,  Ramparts Neighborhood, L.A. 1990
Billboard, Ramparts Neighborhood, L.A. 1990



I mounted the hand-colored black and white prints with photocopies from the “For Rent” section of the newspaper. (1988-1991) The work was shown in several L.A. galleries and favorably reviewed by L.A. Times art critic Patricia McKenna.

 Creatively Arranged Cartt 1990
Creatively Arranged Cart 1990













copyright © 2000, Marlene Hutchison

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