sun behind leaves

Fall Foliage Briefly Illuminated by the Sun

9 am  shooting toward partial sun, 11/19/14
9 am shooting toward partial sun, 11/19/14

For the past three days it’s been gloomy with fog, rain, and dense clouds here in Northern California. The sun briefly  appeared after I waited about 40 minutes in a Pleasanton parking lot, so I quickly took a shot of the sun behind some leaves. Pity, with all these clouds, we’ve still only had about 1/2 inch of rain.  I didn’t find any puddles with fall leaves. Maybe tomorrow and hopefully with some sun because water often looks best in the middle of the day with the sun shining on it. Landscape photography is very different from urban photography. When I lived in a big city, chance was my best friend, whereas here a lot of patience and probably a tripod is necessary for good landscape photography.

Fall Poem “The Gifts Autumn Brings” by Jyrone Denny: Cool air, bright colors, The sweet smell of dying leaves.

10 am, light behind me on a cloudy day.
10 am, light behind me on a cloudy day.

Every day feels like a bonus since I’ve been lucky enough to have already lived more than 70 years.

In these bonus days, I hope to find art near my doorstep and share it with you.


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