California Desert

California Mojave Desert, 2012
Mojave Desert California, 2012

All of these pictures were taken while driving. The constantly changing light brings subtle color changes to the desert. I could watch the light change all day.

Train Outside Needles, CA
Train outside Needles, CA at sunrise, 2012

I awoke before dawn and captured the golden light on the  train just outside of Needles, CA, and close to the Colorado River.

California Mojave Desert, 2012
Signs of A Human Presence in the Vast Mohave Desert, 2012

Two out-buildings intrude on the vast Mojave and remind me of a scant, but noticeable human presence.

3 Responses

  1. Freight train, freight train
    Going so fast
    Freight train, freight train
    Going so fast
    Please don’t tell them which train I’m on
    So they won’t know which route I’ve gone

  2. I heard you say, “I awoke before dawn…”–no wonder you heard loud snores! It is definitely not because of your photographs; they are electrifying. I love the wide format, it enhances the silence and spaciousness
    of the desert.

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